A Vinyasa Flow Community


Sheila Bailleaux - E-RYT, Certified Y12SR Leader,  Senior Teacher with LoveYoga

Jessica Page - Teacher 

Juliana Davila

E-RYT, Teacher and studio manager. 

Mike Baker

E-RYT, Teacher and senior staff member at LoveYoga

Tiffany Maloney

E-RYT, Owner of LoveYoga,Teacher, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, Tarot Advisement, Ritualist

Our Studio

Located in the historic district of Calder Ave., LoveYoga is a sanctuary from the aggressive and cold gym environments.  You walk into a peaceful, quiet, cell-phone-free space filled with sacred scents, and the vibration of love and community can be felt all around you.  We ask that you leave your shoes in the lobby, silence your mobile phones (or don't bring them) and refrain from too much talking while in the yoga room.  

We are a FAMILY of highly trained and passionate yoga professionals.  All LoveYoga staff members are at a MINIMUM 200-hr YA certified, and each specializes in a particular field of yoga outreach such as Yoga and the 12-Steps, yoga and at risk youth, yoga for depression and mental illness, yoga for the elderly.  Come meet our highly qualified, friendly community of teachers!